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Marc Fadding will be speaking on planting and maintaining strawberries, raspberries and blueberries on March 17.

Ward's 2018 Spring Classes

Classes help customers plan and prepare their gardens by exploring different topics in more depth. Professionals make time to answer questions and guide customers through current and potential garden issues.

During our classes in March 2018, Ward’s greenhouse will feature flowering bulbs, cold-hardy annuals and herbs for early spring – all available for purchase.

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Norway Spruce are seldom eaten by deer.


10 am – "Deer Eat Everything" and More Spring Garden Problem-solving

with Erin Benken, Morgan Gasperini and Dexter Mason; Ward’s Staff horticulturists

You have DEER. What to do!? Have other concerns and questions? Wonder when to remove the mulch? Curious about that mold on the grass? Concerned the forsythia is dead? Want your evergreens to turn green? Join the Ward’s expert staff and other gardeners like yourself who have spring-garden problems to solve.

High Mowing Organic Seeds and Hudson Valley Seed Library Heirlooms now available

High Mowing Organic Seeds and Hudson Valley Seed Library Heirlooms now available

2 pm - Successful Seed Starting- STANDING ROOM ONLY

with Sandy Merrill, Gardens by D’esign, New London, CT

You like to try those new mini vegetable introductions or maybe a few old heirlooms highlighted in all the garden magazines. Most nurseries offer only the most common plants, so you'll have to buy the seed and try to grow them yourself. It’s easy and a fun way to enjoy gardening when the snow is still on the ground. Learn some of the tips, techniques, and methods used by the professionals and how you can get the same results at home.

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SUNDAY March 4

1 pm - Principles of Pruning - WAITING LIST ONLY

with Tom Ingersoll and Melissa LeVangie, Massachusetts Certified Arborists

Are your landscape trees and shrubs out of control? Proper pruning that starts at planting time can help with a host of problems:  improving form and aesthetics, boosting disease and pest resistance, maximizing fruit and flower production, etc.  Tom and Melissa will explain and entertain while demonstrating various techniques for enhancing the structure and health of your favorite plants.

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Cedar Waxwing on Amelanchier

Cedar Waxwing on Amelanchier


10 am - Making a Garden for the Birds- WAITING LIST ONLY

with Margaret Roach, Garden Author and Blogger of "A Way to Garden"

Learn how Margaret ended up bringing about 65-68 avian species into the garden each year, each in its own time, with a smaller but substantial number of birds nesting in it or at its periphery. She’ll provide how-to’s and how not-to’s from planning stages through plant suggestions, strategies and a list of more resources.

Courtesy of High Mowing Organic Seeds

2 pm - Growing Heirloom Vegetables and Flowers Organically

with John Faivre, Owner, Herb ‘N Renewal Honey Farm of northeast New Jersey.

John first got into what he calls ‘serious’ gardening when he started collecting and growing heirloom tomato seeds. With his gardens now filled with heirloom vegetables, fruits and flowers; John will share his strategies for successfully growing organic plants that ensure the best taste for his family and best health for his bees.

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SUNDAY March 11

1 pm - Designing with Annuals and Tropicals: How to Care for and Maybe Keep Them

with Valerie Locher, Horticulturist, Housatonic, MA.

Let’s play with color! Annuals and Tropicals are showy all summer and most won’t really last beyond fall because, yes, we garden in Zone 5, a very non-tropical location. But there are ways to enjoy these glorious plants in summer, fall, and maybe keep a few over the winter for next year, too.

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Summer Pot. Photo by Viridissima Design.

Summer Pot. Photo by Viridissima Design.


10 am - Container Gardening


with Jenna O'Brien, Viridissima Horticulture and Design; Becket, MA

The art of the container comes from creating combinations that can handle the same environment while making an impact of contrasts and similarities. Whether you want continuous flowers, herbs or even vegetables, containers and their mobility can offer new options.
Jenna’s slides will give you loads of ideas and the basic principles about designing a container; then, you will participate in the creation of one from Ward’s current plant offerings.


2 pm - Planting and Maintaining Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries-


with Marc Fadding, Certified Arborist, Horticulturist and owner of Marconica, Inc.; Glendale, MA

Learn to grow your own strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in your home garden from a professional. Marc Fadding has been growing berries for his clients and at home for decades, and will present tips on small fruit production – from soil preparation to harvesting.

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Saturday March 24

10 am - Ideal Shrubs and Trees- STANDING ROOM ONLY

with Dexter Mason, Staff Horticuturist and Greg Ward, Co-owner, Ward's Nursery & Garden Center

To be a Berkshire gardener, must you plant only native shrubs and trees? Will any attractive shrub or tree grow in that problem spot on your property? Learn more about woody-plant combinations, both native and ideal cultivars, that will work successfully together in the Berkshires.


AFTER. Photos provided by Okerstrom-Lang Ltd. Okerstromlang.com

2 pm - Before and After Home Landscapes

with Craig Okerstrom-Lang, RLA, ASLA, Okerstrom-Lang Ltd Landscape Architects, Great Barrington, MA

Craig will guide you through a series of designed and built residential projects with his "before & after" images while outlining the design and construction process.

Founded in 1990, Craig’s firm Okerstrom-Lang Ltd. specializes in site sensitive landscape design; pond and pool environments; creative grading design; and illumination design for residential, commercial and cultural properties. Plus, his knowledge of native plants, climate change hardy plants and unique ornamental plantings encourages a more sustainable landscape plan for the Berkshires.

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Fern Square. Photo by Viridissima Design.


10 am - Combining Perennials in the Garden for Year-round Beauty-

SORRY FULL- Handouts will be available

with Jenna O'Brien, Viridissima Horticulture and Design.

Yes, perennials give gardens a beautiful reliability and can return lovelier each year but sometimes you want a longer season out of them. The trick is combining them with other plants so they continue to shine, even out of bloom. Learn how Jenna combines perennials with a variety of exceptional garden plants including perennials to wow you, year-round.

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May 19th & 20th - 61st Anniversary Weekend!

Garden experts are here from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday May 19th to answer your gardening questions!


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