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Congratulations to all our budding Arborists – Ward’s is out of tree seedlings for 2020.

Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day in 2020 by planting a tree!  Earth Day is Wednesday April 22 and marks the 50th Anniversary of this environment-focused day.  Learn more about Earth Day here.

Arbor Day has it’s 148th Anniversary on Friday April 24. Learn more about Arbor Day here.

Seedling bare roots are wrapped in paper for easy transport. Keep cool and misted until planting.

To help our local children learn more and participate, Ward’s Nursery is offering FREE Canadian Hemlock seedlings to any youth from the age of 2 to 18 years old. We ask that you only take 1 per child.

Planting and care instructions are also included. Or click here for the instruction PDF.

Seedlings are available at the Ward’s Nursery pickup tent in our parking lot during open hours, 9am-5pm, through May 1 or while supplies last.

Please maintain your social distance, help yourself and help the earth!

More information on Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis) can be found here.

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