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Bright colored watering cans are harder to loose!

Your watering habits make all the difference.
Plants need a consistent supply of water to maintain health and vigor.

Newly planted perennials, shrubs and trees need deep watering weekly to give them a healthy start. ‘Deep’ is defined as an equal volume of water as the original pot or root ball. Water slowly to ensure that the water percolates deep down to the base of the root ball and doesn’t run off the soil surface.

Containers need a deep dose of water daily (unless rains have been flooding the containers).

Established drought-tolerant perennials can get by with less hand-watering but a weekly dose will keep them looking good.

Focus watering energies on your fruiting trees, shrubs and valuable specimen plants if days are sunny and dry for a week or more. Keep watering through the month of October or until a hard freeze prompts all the leaves to fall.

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