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Does my plant have a disease?

You purchased a healthy robust plant and now a month later you think it has a problem.

The problem may be major or minor. How do you know?

Start by clarifying the problem. What seems wrong?  Yellowing or dropping leaves? Holes in the leaves?  Pale leaves? Strange webbing or white film?

Areas to consider first are the changes your plant has experienced after moving to your home:  how much water is it getting and how often, how much direct sunlight, what plants are now nearby?  All plants will react to new growing conditions, some more dramatically than others.  Once the environment is corrected, healthy plants will  take care of environmental pests using their own defense mechanisms–then there’s nothing for you to do but wait!

Review some of our posts about plant care and pest prevention throughout the year on outdoor plants as well as indoor houseplants.  If you can’t correct the problem with better watering habits or sunlight adjustments, please send us an email with a few clear photos attached.  Show us a photo of what is troubling you specifically and another of the overall plant in it’s current location.

We will review the photos and contact you about what measures you have taken so far. It’s probably something we can easily correct together!

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