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Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs give your landscape structure and definition whether they frame a view or block it. Because they don't die back to the ground in winter, they can add elegance to your home's architecture, soften a hardscape or establish an entryway year-round.

Trees typically have a single trunk and reach twenty feet or more in height. Shrubs are woody perennial plants with multiple stems that will mature to about 15 feet tall. When looking for a tree or shrub, consider what you want it to add to your landscape or garden. Is it providing shade, a home for birds or both? Perhaps its beautiful flowers or fragrance sparks a memory that you hope to enjoy as a focal point in your garden. In groupings, shrubs become garden plants or hedges, creating privacy, windbreaks, and screens. Like all plantings, you'll want to confirm the tree or shrub's cultural requirements and ultimate size (height and width!) at maturity.

From March through October, we receive shipments of nursery grown trees and shrubs in containers or with root-balls wrapped in burlap. You'll find a wide selection of robust deciduous and evergreen plants in an array of sizes and varieties to fit your landscaping needs. Whether you’re looking to screen out your neighbor or add beautiful color to your yard, we have what you’re looking for. Shop early for the best selection of fruit trees!

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