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Bagged Goods

When we talk about bagged goods, we are referring to varieties and blends of mulch, soil, compost, and growing media. Also in this department, we include fertilizers and specific soil amendments or minerals.

Below you can see some of our more popular choices in Mulch, Soils, Compost, Seed-starter, Straw and Fertilizers.  More options of nutrient supplements are availble in-store.  Explanations follow to help you decide what products you need for your garden situation.


A layer of mulch, 2″-3″ thick, conserves soil moisture and reduces weed seed germination. Natural Cedar mulch or Pine Bark mulch, mini-nuggets, or nuggets make a nice layer in perennial or shrub borders. Buckwheat hull mulch is ‘finer’ in consistency and works well in containers or smaller flower borders. We offer mulch in 2 or 3 cu. foot bags. A 3 cu. foot bag will cover approximately 25 sq. feet (5’x5′) to 2 inches in depth.

Soils and Compost

Use Top Soil to fill in holes or ruts and amend with Compost if overseeding. Compost adds valuable organic material to loosen heavy clay soils or improve moisture retention of sandy soils. Peat moss lightens any soil and improves drainage. Bags of organic top soil or compost are about 40 lbs or 1 cu. foot. Peat comes in a range of sizes–8 quarts to a 3.8 cu. foot compressed bale that expands to 7 cu. feet.

Bagged compost choices include some composted manures combined with varying percentages of other composted organic material. The different blends make different nutrients available to your plantings.

Potting soils are available in a range of sizes from 8 qts. to 2 cu. foot bags. These too have varying volumes of minerals, beneficial bacteria and fungi added to help your plants thrive. ProMix blend includes peat to make the soil extra-light and well-draining – perfect for summer containers. ProMix comes in a 3 cu. foot bag or compressed into a 3.8 cu. foot bale and will expand to 7 cu. feet.

Seed Starting Mixes are soil-less and sterile mixes with unique ability to hold moisture, suppress disease, and also provide nutrients to get seeds off to a good start. Bags are usually 8 qts. to 16 qts. in volume.

Hay and Straw

Use hay and straw in vegetable gardens as mulch around plants or in rows to suppress weeds. Salt hay and Straw bales are about 2’x2’x4′. Salt hay has a unique weed-free quality because the seeds require salt water to germinate. Plastic-wrapped shredded straw is a useful choice for small areas and are about 1.5x2x3 feet.


Fertilizer is an important addition to the health of your landscape. As plants grow, they consume nutrients in the soil. If those nutrients aren’t replenished, plants will not grow well and will be more susceptible to pests and disease. We offer a full range of Espoma Organic slow-release fertilizers as well as blossom boosters and all-purpose fertilizers for houseplants.

Fertilizers are applied to the root area or scratched into the soil in early spring and possibly again in mid-summer. Follow package instructions.  Choose the fertilizer formulated for the type of plants you tend in your landscape. 18 lb to 36 lb bags of Espoma fertilizers or amendments are sold as bagged goods.  Additional houseplant fertilizers are available in smaller 2 oz to 4 lb quantities.

You may order other bagged goods for delivery or pick-up before you arrive!

For these requests, we will call you to confirm availability and get your credit card information.

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