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Our Houseplant greenhouse has a range from cacti to zizi plants, ferns to ficus.

Houseplants offered at Ward’s are perennial plants you would find in desert or rainforest landscapes of the earth’s tropical regions.  They typically have a growth period and a rest period, growing more during our bright spring and summer days. Some need bright light for 6 hours or more; others just an hour or two of indirect light.

Familiar African violets or Phalaenopsis orchids are joined through the year by less common streptocarpus primrose and Venus flytrap.

Find fresh arrivals of foliage houseplants like pothos vine, spathiphyllum, sesleria and terrarium sized ferns in August.  More varieties of orchids become available in the warmer months too, usually late April and again in June or July.

We recommend the American Orchid Society’s orchid culture sheets for the care of your orchid purchase.

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, houseplants include florist mums, poinsettia, cyclamen, Christmas cactus and Norfolk pines.

Whether selecting a houseplant or giving a plant as a gift, consider how other members of the household (pets, children) might be affected.

Review our Houseplant 101 tip sheets and video series (links below) to learn more about selecting a good houseplant for your home!

You can also add the name of the houseplant you seek in our Plant Finder, to learn what amount of light or water the plant may need.

Of course, come in anytime to chat with our experts with your questions, too!

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