Roses add long blooming substance to a perennial garden.

Our Trees, Shrubs and Perennials start coming available in April each year, right around a good time to plant. For colorful annuals, start visiting Ward’s in early to mid-May.

Ward’s offers our plants in the store when they look their best and are ready to be planted. Sometimes, plants come available and get sold within minutes!

Want to know now if specific plants will be available this year?

Send Ward’s an email with your plant list request.

If we’re unable to fill your request, we invite you to order online from Monrovia directly.

What will happen if you choose to order through Monrovia online.

Step 1

Discover Beautiful Plants

Looking to shop for plants from the indoor comfort of your home? From trees and shrubs to vines to stunning flowering perennials, Monrovia plants are carefully tended with the greatest care until they’re ready for you to enjoy in your landscape.

Clematis vine is a showy flower in tender vines. Train on a trellis or against a fine mesh along a wall. Roots like it shady and moist but vines will find the sun.

Step 2

Order Online

Select from the list of more than 3,000 varieties, chosen by Monrovia for their hardiness to our area. Select your preferred sizes. Shop by category.

Monrovia will ship only when your plant is ready. Because bloom times and other conditions vary, delivery may take up to 3 to 4 weeks.

Ordering during the winter? No problem! Monrovia will care for your plants until spring and then ship them when they are in prime planting form for your landscape.

Step 3

Select Ward’s Nursery & Garden Center for Delivery

Your plant will be delivered free of charge to Ward’s Nursery & Garden Center, 600 Main Street, Great Barrington, Mass.

Step 4

Pick Up Your Plants
Please note: Your plant order is with Monrovia. Contact Monrovia about any delivery questions. Monrovia will notify you when YOUR plants are on the truck headed to Ward’s.

Your plants will arrive specially packaged with your name clearly visible. A Ward’s Nursery garden staff member will contact you after your order has arrived. Delivery from Ward’s to your home can be arranged for an additional fee.

Step 5

Get Growing

When you take your plants home, you’ll find an information label that offers step-by-step planting instructions and a text code for additional care information.

To see what’s available and order for delivery to Ward’s Nursery and Garden Center in Great Barrington, Mass., CLICK HERE.

Click here to learn more about Monrovia Plants

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