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Fall is here!

Tropicals and herbs that you bring back indoors for winter should be acclimated now and be moved back indoors. See our tips under the Learn tab for more details.

Time to visit the garden center for late-blooming flowers. Trees, Shrubs and Perennials are on sale. September into mid-October is a great time to plant!

Frost resistant mums, ornamental cabbage, and ornamental kale look great now and are perfect for replacing ragged summer annuals. Plus they last into late October.

Spring flowering bulbs are now available. The best selection is now. Plant outdoors in October through mid-November - after soils are consistently below 50 degrees. If you're interested in forcing tulips or grape hyacinth, these bulbs will need to be chilled before warming up. See the tips below.

Garlic bulbs will be available soon. Plan ahead for what you need by reviewing Garlic Planting.

The garden center has supplies for deer fencing, repellents and the staff to help you decide what's best to use for your situation. Set wooden stakes and burlap around evergreens or young fruit trees to prevent browsing from rabbits and deer. The burlap serves as a windbreak and a shade against snow reflection, too.

Mulch is essential for reducing annual weeds and keeping soils moist around perennials, shrubs, and trees. Keep all new plantings watered and mulched! Once the ground freezes hard (likely late November), add mulch to a depth of 4 inches to help keep the soil frozen through winter thaws and freezes.

So, stop in and save on plant refreshers or garden solutions. We’re always helping gardeners grow.


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