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Winter continues! Whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, daylight arrives a bit earlier and leaves a bit later every day in February. Flowering plants, herbs and tropical foliage plants take residence in our front tropical greenhouse as well as part of the larger greenhouse that we keep on the cooler side.

Cyclamen, and miniature cypress are now joined by primrose and flowering spring bulbs. Hellebore and calla lily may also be on the tables but the fly out fast! Don't forget citrus! We have small citrus trees, too! Plants are starting to grow. You may want to start fertilizing your houseplants. Also - check your houseplants for pests and maintain consistent watering! See the link below to learn more about houseplant pests that often appear now.

We still have paperwhite bulbs to bring into flower at your house in the next few weeks! Fragrant white blooms burst out of these small bulbs and are now at 1/2 price!

Thinking about your Valentine? Starting around February 7, we will offer fresh-cut flowers to treat yourself or anyone you love. Long-stem rose bouquets in 1/2 dozen or full dozen will be available. If you want something less traditional, we will have carnations as singles, 1/2 dozen or full dozen, a 10-stem bunch of tulips or a mixed bouquet of spring bulb stems! Terrariums make great gifts and can be started now, too. See more information below!

The seed wall is stocked with fresh garden seed for 2024. We also have the trays, starter soils, domes, labels, heat mats and lights to set up your seed-starting center. New this year, we have hemp planting mats, biosource mats and coconut coir seeding pellets to help you reduce the amount of plastic you use. It's time to check your left-over seed from 2023 and plan for 2024.

Ward's offers Lyric birdseed mixes to attract different types of wild birds and the wild bird favorite- Black Oil Sunflower seed. You'll also find a range of feeders to add to your feeding station. If we get a warm spell (a week of above freezing night-time temperatures), beware of bears visiting your feeders. Plan to bring feeders indoors especially at night when temperatures are warm. Only feeders that are suspended from second story windows or high enough to be out of reach can be considered bear-proof.

Monitor your landscape when temperatures allow and remember, Ward's has the preventative sprays, burlap and additional supplies you need to keep pests away. When weather is dry and temperatures are above freezing, you'll want to use a preventive spray of liquid copper fungicide to kill overwintering fungal diseases, especially on fruit trees. One time over the dormant period is enough for the liquid copper fungicide.

And don't forget, we have gifts for gardeners and gifts for everyone. Or you can order a gift card and your recipient will get exactly the right thing!

See our wild bird section to see some of the feeders and houses we offer plus links to tips for attracting birds to visit you landscape.

And get Black-oil Sunflower bird seed at a special price.


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