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This Month at Ward's

Now is the time to plant flowering trees and shrubs. We have many to choose from - cherries, crabapples, rhododendron, shadbush- and of course lilacs!

We still have a nice selection of fruit trees ready for planting, too. The perennial yard is full of spring blooming perennials--iris, peony, epimedium, columbine, dianthus, bleeding heart and creeping phlox! These and cold-hardy veggie starts can be planted in the garden now!

The greenhouse has flowering hanging baskets and favorite annuals for starting containers. You'll find Geraniums, Million Bells and Coleus in 4" pots. Put together those containers of annuals but keep them cozy in a warm garage overnight or on a protected porch so frost won't zap them. Generally speaking, wait to plant out in beds until after May 22 in our zone 5. Check below for 'What Can I Plant Now?" to see the frost hardiness of flowers.

Don't forget, we have your garden gear and using the right tool makes gardening more fun. Peonies should be up and ready for support. By placing cages or supports around peonies now, the plants will grow through the supports and your gorgeous flowers won't collapse to the ground from heavy rains.

Plan your watering schedule at planting time - maybe a soaker hose is the thing! Lay out your hoses at planting time.

Wait to plant tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in the garden. These plants need consistently warm soil which won't be available until early June. Wait, too, for planting seeds of squash and zinnia. They can be planted directly in the garden but not until after soil warms up.

The tropical greenhouse has hundreds of plants ready for adding a special look to your summer containers or just fill that niche indoors while you await the summer's heat.

Be sure to get your mulches, compost and top-soils now. Most are on sale! Mulch is essential for reducing annual weeds and keeping soils moist around perennials, shrubs and trees. Refresh those mulches now! Also, check out our in-store sales flyer to scope out all the best deals.


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