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Tree & Shrub Warranty

When you purchase a tree or shrub at Ward’s Nursery & Garden Center, plant according to instructions provided and water it correctly; the tree or shrub is guaranteed to live for one full year from the date of purchase.

Printable PDF of Tree Planting Guidelines

Should it fail, a replacement plant of EQUAL PRICE PAID, store credit or your money back will be made upon presentation of the sales receipt and the dead plant.

If the receipt is not presented, then a store credit of one-half the full current retail value of the plant will be given. No refund is given without the presence of the plant.


Warranty Agreement does not cover:

  • Trees or Shrubs that fail due to improper care and handling by the customer. This would include: not planting the tree or shrub within 24 hours of bringing it home and/or not watering the tree or shrub in a timely and consistent manner. This is your responsibility as part of the Warranty Agreement. See Planting Instructions provided with your receipt, click the printable guidelines linked above, or see Our Tree and Shrub Planting Page .
  • Trees or Shrubs that suffer animal browsing, fire, storm or mechanical damage.
  • Annuals or Perennials
  • Any plants defined as not being hardy to Zone 5. Specifically: caryopteris, buddleia, and roses.
  • Trees or Shrubs kept in above-ground containers or plants used as live Christmas trees.
  • Labor for installation of any plant.

If you have any questions concerning these exclusions, please call or stop in.

Questions about the Warranty Agreement?

If you are not sure the plant you have is dead, first give us a call at 413-528-0166 so that we can help you before you remove it from the ground. If you have a plant that is not looking well but you want to wait and see, you may ask for an extension of this Warranty Agreement.

Email Us Your Plant Photos

You may email photos of the plant that concerns you. Be sure they are in focus. Submit one that shows the overall shape of the plant and its planting location. Submit a second photo of the plant’s leaves, trunk, or whatever concerns you. Use the contact form and attach your digital images.