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Pest Solutions

Pest Solutions are all the tools gardeners use to keep pest pressure down and increase plant beauty or plant production. Most "solutions" are better termed "strategies" for making the ever-present pests manageable.

We offer herbicides, insecticides and fungicides in a range of organic and biorational products as well as broad-spectrum chemical solutions formulated for the homeowner.

Or - your pest could be wildlife! We can help you with that, too. Repellents, fencing or other types of barriers can be simple solutions.

What solution do you need?

When your plants have a problem, contact us! Sometimes the problem can be solved with a better watering regimen. See Watering Tips.

If consistent appropriate moisture is not the problem, we suggest you inspect plants for insect pests and perhaps share a photo by sending it with an email.  Learn more about the pest, like in this post  about beetles in gardening in late-June to early-July.  Ultimately, you may need to choose a fungicide or insecticide suitable for targeting your specific pest.

When planning your gardens, you can reduce pest pressure by choosing plants that are resistant to common diseaseas and un-appetizing to common wildlife around your property. We can help with that, too! Check out our Plant Finder

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