If you enjoy helping people and working cooperatively in a team plus you thrive in a busy atmosphere, Ward’s may be the place for you.

About Us

Donald J. Ward Jr. started Ward’s Nursery and Garden Center at 600 South Main St., Great Barrington in 1957. Starting out with 2 small greenhouses and a potting shed, Ward’s has since grown into a must-see destination for gardeners and holiday enthusiasts.

Today Greg and Mike run Ward’s. When it opened in May 2010, the new garden center had space to reorganize the extensive garden accessories and incorporate efficiencies that improved customer experience and allowed for a more sustainable business operation.

At Ward’s, we pride ourselves on:
being a leader in offering horticultural products customers can count on, sharing horticultural information that customers can trust, and providing great customer service.

To do this we pledge to:

  • Sell only top quality merchandise and display the products attractively so that shopping at Ward’s continues to be an enjoyable experience.
  • Meet our customers’ needs pleasantly, efficiently and effectively.
  • Be directly responsible to each customer for every activity and transaction.
  • Recognize and reward staff effort, loyalty and dedication.

Current Opening: Stocking Clerk/Sales Clerk/Cashier

We’re seeking your friendly smile and team spirit on our customer service staff;

Ideal candidate can lift up to 50 pounds with knowledge of tools and equipment.

Part/full time schedules available. Apply in-store at 600 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230.

You may print and mail your completed application or submit the saved PDF by attaching to our email portal..

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