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If you prefer, you may choose to pre-order.

At this time, curbside or delivery pre-orders are backed up and cannot be fulfilled until after May 29.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Deliveries are scheduled 1 to 2 weeks into the future. See below.

Curbside Pickup

Please email to place your order.  No orders will be fulfilled for 1-2 weeks.

Our staff will take detailed information about what you need or seek as well as your contact information.

Please provide the best telephone number to reach you when we pull your order.

Your message may need to be directed to another staff person who will call you back to answer more specific requests.

If you are ordering ONLY bagged goods, we will ask for an email address where we can send the loading ticket. As proof of purchase, you will need to present your ticket as a printout or on your smart phone to the loading attendee.

For all other purchases, we will contact you to confirm availability and your exact order. A cashier will process your payment and will provide you with a time your purchase will be ready for pickup at the store.

When you arrive at the specified time, please call 413-528-0166 to inform us you are here and we will bring your order to your car.

We are Updating Our Availability Lists to Help You Pre-Order.
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Send us a Detailed List Via Email
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Or Delivery

We can deliver your order. Please indicate your delivery location on the email so we can quote you the rate.

Ward’s Nursery offers delivery as an incremental fee based on distance from the store to your town. Please ask for the delivery fee while talking to our cashier.

Deliveries are scheduled Thursday through Monday with some Great Barrington deliveries possible on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your delivery will be scheduled on the next possible day based on volume and driver availability.


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