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How often have you decided you loved the look of that little mini-tree in the perennial bed only to discover it overwhelmed the phlox, obscured the clematis and practically swallowed the dog within 2 years time?

It’s tricky to give your plant the space it needs to grow and still balance the size of all the other plantings too.

This is why gardens are never really finished. We lose sunshine and thus sun-loving perennials; we remove monstrous, overgrown things and expose tender shade-lovers.

What can you do to envision how big things will grow? Start by visiting established gardens, arboretum, parks, any of our distinguished Berkshire properties, and gardening friends. Then take photos of your favorite plants. Take many photos – film has never been cheaper! From a distance, get the whole from root to crown and up close, focus on the flower or leaf arrangement so you can get help identifying it (or remembering it’s name).

Case in point – the taller shrub to the left – that’s Rhododendron ‘Purple Gem’ and the 2 to the right? Those are PJM! They are almost identical but now at their maturity – very different sizes and shapes.

Do some research and make wise choices about what you install in your landscape. Luckily you’re in the Berkshires where research couldn’t be more pleasurable.

Here’s a list of just some of our favorite Berkshire properties and links to their websites. Enjoy the Berkshires! Study up this summer on what works beautifully, what doesn’t, and envision what more you can do in your own garden.

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