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About now, I really need the green that herbs and tropical houseplants offer.

Even if your green thumb is more olive brown, you can grow one of these plants indoors to help contrast all that white outdoors.

When selecting a houseplant, consider first where you would like a plant. There is a plant for just about every location.
Scan these and determine how much light you can offer, then choose what level of care you can provide.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Known as ZZ Plant

Light: any type of light, house temperatures

Water: keep slightly moist all year but will tolerate occasional drought

Fertilizer: during growing season from spring through summer

Size: mature height 3 to 4′ and grows faster in brighter light

fb- zzplant

“Z-Z” Plant


Light: High light of a southern window

Temperature: Warm in growing season, in winter keep cooler and water less

Water: keep evenly moist and spray often; use a humidity tray if kept in arid location but do not allow to stand in water

Fertilizer: feed at half recommended strength once a week

Size: will become tree-like over time. When up-potting, use a well-drained potting mix.

fb- croton

Colorful Croton

Nematanthus nervosus

Known as Goldfish Plant

Light: Place in a sunny East or Southern window

Water: allow soil to dry between waterings; mist daily for added humidity

Fertilizer: use a mild fertilizer every 2 weeks

Winter care: reduce watering and food in winter

Size: prune after flowering to keep it bushy

fb- goldfishplant Goldfish

Goldfish Plant named for its fish-like flowers

Adiantum capillus-veneris

Known as Southern Maidenhair or Venus’ Hair Fern

Light: bright indirect light as set back from a south- facing window

Water: keep consistently moist and do not let soil dry out; however, plants should not be allowed to sit in water. Mist daily and use a humidity tray to create ambient humidity around plant.

Fertilizer: fertilize once a month with a water soluble plant fertilizer

Size: prune out brown or dying stems with small pruners or cuticle scissors to keep the plant looking fresh 

fb- maidenhairFern 2-20

Adiantum capillus-veneris

Not to be confused with Northern Maidenhair Fern, Adiantum pedatum, which is cold-hardy in the Berkshires.
Most tropical ferns do well in bright bathrooms or near kitchen sinks due to the humid conditions. Decorative moss or wood chips over the top of the soil surface will help keep soil moist as well.

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