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While raking leaves this fall, consider all your plantings around the home. Fall is a great time for moving and removing perennials and shrubs as well as planting new!

First when it comes to raking: rake leaves off lawn as regularly as possible. Raking is great exercise, makes less noise than blowers and helps aerate the lawn soil. Wet leaves will be harder to clear and if left too long, will start to kill the grass. Leaves can be gathered into piles for composting. Once you have a significant pile of leaves out of the way, run over it a few times with a mulching lawnmower. The chopped tree leaves can be incorporated into flower bed soil or scooped into a compost pile where they will break down into compost quickly.

More tips for your lawn:

In flower gardens,

remove yellowing and diseased foliage. Spent annuals should be removed completely.

More tips for vegetable and herb gardens:

Trees & Shrubs can still be planted as long as the soil can be dug—into November!

cc - cornus kousa chinensis red

Other things to consider with trees and shrubs:

These tips expand on ideas offered by the University of Massachusetts Extension Garden Calendar. Visit the UMass Extension website for more information.


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