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Ward’s also offers a variety of perennials native to North America, the East Coast, and specifically the Berkshires.
(For Native Trees and Shrubs post, click here.) Native plants offer the best strategy for encouraging animal diversity in our landscape and our wild areas.
To see a list of Native Perennials that we usually carry or can easily acquire: Click here for Native Perennial List
This post of images shows some of what’s available in mid-July. If you have a specific plant in mind not on our list (link above), please send us an email.


Perfect for Shady nooks in the garden

Royal Fern or Osmunda regalis

Christmas fern or Polystichum acrostichoides stays evergreen in the Berkshires. A sturdy plant!

Lady Fern or Athyrium filix-femina has an elegant form.

Hayscented fern or Dennistaedia punctilobula has a more jumbled growing habit than Lady Fern.

Adiantum pedatum or Maidenhair fern has a distinctive whirl. This is the northern, hardy variety.

Native Perennials for Sun

Again, this is just a hint of what’s available in July.

Verbena hastata or Blue vervain appears in wet meadows, boggy areas or along stream banks. It’s blooming in mid-July along the edges of Fountain Pond in Fountain Pond state park.

Oenothera fruticosa ‘Fireworks’ or Evening primrose is an aggressive but native groundcover that can handle poor soils.

Asclepias tuberosa or Butterfly Weed lives up to its name!

Echinacea purpurescens or Coneflower has many hybrid colors to enjoy.

Culver’s Root or Veronicastrum virginicum is sometimes called Candelabra flower.

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