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The most effective fungicides are preventive sprays that help plants when they are vulnerable to disease causing pests. Cool wet days in the last week are ideal conditions for fungus to put forth spores which can land and grow on young, tender leaves of annuals (tomatoes!) and trees especially with fruit. These spores grow on the living tissue and damage or kill the plant. To prevent severe damage, apply the appropriate fungicides for the plant you wish to protect.

To protect tomatoes, we suggest Serenade, an organic fungicide. For your planning purposes, you’ll need to spray approximately every 7 to 10 days through the growing season on a dry day so the product has the opportunity to dry on the plant surface.

To protect fruit trees and other plants susceptible to black spot, we suggest Fungonil. Again you will need to spray approximately every 7 to 10 days on a dry day while the cool damp weather is forecast. For any pest control program, always confirm what the pest is that you wish to control. For example, a fungicide will do nothing for Japanese Beetle problems. We can help identify the issue if you bring us a sample in a sealed plastic bag or send a digital image.

Our pest-control products list what they are designed to control. Follow the instructions on the product exactly and you should be able to get through the challenges of our crazy weather.

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