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What to Plant When – Or is it too late?

With our heavy snows (in March!), cold April and temperate May, it has been a slow start in the vegetable garden.

Don’t rush it. If your tomatoes were blah last year, try new varieties or plant other vegetables that grow better in your garden’s location. A bad year for tomatoes can be a spectacular year for broccoli, beets and greens. A short-season tomato may not do as well as a long-season variety or vice versa so maybe plant both to hedge your bet.

Below are easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs that you can start in the garden as soon soil can be worked along with tips on where, how much and other cultural requirements.

Gardeners call the following “cool weather crops”. I’ve selected some of the most popular to grow and ones that are truly extraordinary when fresh-picked, making them worth the trouble. There are more. If your family loves a vegetable not listed, please contact us for tips on growing it for yourself. And no, it’s not too late. These herbs and vegetables can be planted as seed directly into the garden and in succession every 2 weeks through the time indicated.

Intermediate Crops:

If planting transplants, these should be planted when the soil is warmer and once the transplants have hardened off. Transplanting too early will set back the plant and delay harvest later than if you planted seed. Wait until mid or late May to plant seeds or transplants of:

Warm Weather Crops:

As mentioned before, planting two or three varieties of each vegetable will help you ride out the vagaries of weather and pests. Plant these as transplants and after all danger of frost has passed.


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