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Exchange Plastic Pots Sized 1-pint to 15-gallon

To Honor Earth Day, Re-use Plastic

Ward’s Nursery works with our growers to reduce the amount of plastic consumed and we prefer biodegradable containers as much as possible.

Some growers will take back pots and plastic trays for reuse. However, some material becomes unusable and sadly we have no market for that to be recycled.

We encourage you to re-use the plastic containers or return pot sizes of 1-pint to 15-gallon to Ward’s for re-use or exchange. Ward’s customers and growers also re-use sturdy trays. However, Ward’s cannot reuse pre-printed containers but YOU can!

The Exchange Area at Ward’s is at the end of the stockade fence across from the shed and along the driveway to Loading.  Please help keep it tidy.  When you bring pots to exchange, please organize them as best you can by stacking pots and trays that are the same size with pots and trays already in the exchange area. You may return plastic pots to exchange after knocking out any soil and giving them a rinse.



  • Do not leave garbage; that is, any broken plastic container too weak for re-use.
  • Do not leave 6-pack or 4-pack inserts (x’ed in this post’s feature photo above). These inserts clutter the area and usually are too damaged for re-use.  We cannot use them and they will be thrown away– but YOU can re-use them for seed-starting.
  • Do not return tags to Ward’s. Plastic plant tags have important information for YOU to keep or throw away.

Thanks! And let’s all do what we can to reduce plastic consumption.

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