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Frost Hardiness of Annual Flowers

tiny raspberry pink and white flowered compact plants.

In late April and early May, we are eager to get color in our landscape but we have many annual flowers in our greenhouses and a few outdoors ready for sale that should not be put out in the ground immediately.

However, perennials in the yard are ready to be planted.

Also potted flowering bulbs of daffodils and hyacinth can be put in a garden location now. Fertilize while the leaves are green and they will bloom again next spring.

Annual pansies, violas, snapdragon and sweet alyssum (in the feature photo) can all be planted early. The flowers might get a bit singed by frost but won’t kill the plants.  You can always put a light sheet over them if frost threatens.

The chart pictured below gives you the general hardiness guidelines for some common annual  flowers. Note, this refers to annual dianthus and coreopsis, not the perennial species of these which are hardier.

This chart was adapted from: Walter Reeves Frost Hardiness Chart


Snap Dragons can withstand light frosts. They bloom well from May through June and will bloom again in September through October.

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