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Flowers for Arrangements

Be Picnic and Tanglewood ready:

A cutting garden is an out-of-the-way but sunny spot for annuals to grow and bloom but where they don’t need to look ‘arranged’. Perennials for cutting are solid, long-blooming plants that have their seasonal showy time.

Angelonia has spikes of white and blue, light blue, dark blue and looks like a small annual delphinium.

Annual Flowers Suitable for Use as Cut Flowers

Most can be located INSIDE in the LARGE GREENHOUSES
  1. Choose repeat-blooming annual plants for cutting gardens because you will get a longer season of bloom than with many perennial plants.
  2. In general, a good cut flower has a stem long enough and sturdy enough to hold the flower in an arrangement
  3. A cut flower should be one that lasts and looks good for several days.

Printable List of Annuals for Cut Flowers

Clumps of peony outlast many homes and homeowners. A classic for June gardens.

Perennial Flowers Suitable for Use as Cut Flowers

Most will be found OUTDOORS in our PERENNIAL YARD
  1. Consider long-blooming perennials for cutting such as Heuchera or Fringed Bleeding-heart (Dicentra eximia) that produce flowers all season, especially if they are regularly picked.
  2. Long and sturdy-stemmed flowers are the most useful.
  3. Some, such as Echinacea and Rudbeckia produce bold, bristly seedheads that are ideal for floral crafts. Perennials can be depended upon to bloom next season – no need to replant that part of the cutting garden.
  4. Foliage plants contribute texture and color to both fresh and dried arrangements. Silver-leafed artemisia varieties, lamb’s ears and herbs such as lavender contribute grayish-silver foliage that is both handsome and aromatic.

Printable List  of Perennials for Cut Flowers

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