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Achieve an Ever-Blooming Perennial Garden.

From formal to cottage, vegetable to herb – a garden will always have more appeal if there is something interesting to look at.

It could be a color combination , a variety of heights or forms, or contrasting textures of thick leaves underlying finely cut. But mostly, the flower catches the eye.


Having continuous blooms in the garden also promotes a diversity of  beneficial insects to pollinate your fruits and vegetables or to keep the pest insect population down. Frogs and toads will benefit, too!

From April through November, look around and identify plants you like in bloom and make note of the date. These perennials will bloom about the same time from year to year. And it’s a great way to build a list of must-have plants. This method can take patience however. You may not know the plant and so need help to identify it plus you’ll need to find a garden center that carries it.

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