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This works with a Fresh or Artificial Wreath.

We have fresh balsam wreaths in a range of sizes and also mixed green wreaths ready for a bow or simple sparkly ornaments.

Choose a size. 10” or 12” wreaths are good for a door. If hanging on a wall or chimney, don’t let it look too small or overwhelm its location.

To coordinate. Start with your Bow or choose Ribbon that pulls your other elements together and make the bow after.

Garland can also be wrapped around the wreath or draped in interesting ways. Perhaps before you attach the other elements.

Select a Mix of Ornaments or other elements in odd numbers (3, 5 or 7 of each). If to be outdoors, limit your decorations to weather-resistant.

Choose similar Color Family (ie. golds) or theme (ie. birds) or both. Anything can be wired to a pick to attach more easily to the wreath.

Space your elements around the circle so they balance. Leave green space or fill it evenly, you decide. Don’t attach yet!

The bow can be centered at top, bottom or just off center at “10 o’clock”. Maybe you don’t need a bow at all!


Once you have your preferred arrangement, poke in the pick or wire for each decoration through to the back and twist to hold in place.

Most of all, have fun!

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