Craft a Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

Another fun activity with friends so please enjoy with others within your healthy circle!

Please watch Eva put one together in this video.

Then, download this printable instruction sheet.

Or read on:

Supplies – available from Ward’s

• Oasis foam- 1/3 of a ‘brick’
• Plastic florist bowl (round or oval). This can be inserted into a more decorative container like a hollowed out pumpkin or china bowl.
• Florist tape
• Florist wire
• Candle- 10” taper with florist candle holder
• Small bundle of mixed, cut greens; trimmed to 6-10″ lengths.
• Decorative plastic balls (3) if desired
• Spray of berries (pulled apart or if natural, carefully trimmed into 3, 5 or 7 pieces) if desired
• Evergreen cones (3) wired to ‘picks’ if desired
• Bow wired to a ‘pick’

Centerpiece using a pumpkin and no candle.

How to Make the Centerpiece at Home (The Steps)

1. Submerge your Oasis in water until thoroughly soaked and then place wet Oasis in bowl.

Note about working with Oasis: Be committed when you insert items. The oasis is fragile and will crumble if items are inserted and then removed too many times.

2. Insert candle in center and use strips of florist tape to tape candle holder and Oasis to bowl.

3. Separate your bundle of greens into types. Insert one type at a time, starting with thicker ‘main’ green and then the ‘accent’ greens.

4. Tip – to keep greens evenly distributed: Insert a piece at one side of the Oasis and then another at the opposite side. Fill in by inserting pairs oppositely around the cube or on opposite sides of the Candle. SPACE LOOSELY. Fill the majority of the Oasis with your ‘main’ green. Then, insert accent greens in opposite pairs to keep balanced.

5. Once all the greenery is used or has covered the Oasis, insert your decorative elements. Again, use one type at a time. Insert evenly around candle to keep a balanced look.

6. Make this personal. Items found in nature can make an interesting addition, too!

7. Insert your Bow wherever you wish!

Caring for your centerpiece

Keep bowl filled with water. With consistent moisture, centerpiece will stay fresh and green for a longer time.

See Sample Centerpieces created over the years at Ward’s.

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