14 November, 17

Florists have been using these quick-dry
floral paints for decades

Metallic paints of Gold, Silver, and Copper are ideal for holiday decorating.
Fall pumpkins, corn, squash, gourds, pine cones, etc., when sprayed gold, make a pretty transition to

Gather branches, pine cones, pods, berries, and transform them for decorative wreaths, window boxes and centerpieces.

Collect mismatched pots, vases, boxes, or ornaments and then spray with copper for Thanksgiving, gold for Christmas and silver for New Year’s.
Look at everyday items in a new light. You can ‘gild’ almost anything – glass, wood, paper, fabrics, leaves, even candles!

A rough textured item will be accentuated by the paint and a smooth textured one will become very shiny.
Experiment – you will find some items dry almost immediately and others take some time. And have fun!
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